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How to Edit/Insert PDF Text

Please select the Edit tool on the top toolbar, and then you can start to edit text. You can find all available text editing tools at the right toolbar in the program, such as font, size, color, paragraph alignment, indent and etc. Moreover, you can also add image and links. All the editing features are available and the operation is very simple and easy.


How to Insert Picture Into PDF

Find and select the Edit button in the top toolbar, the program will enter into editing mode automatically with a right toolbar prompt up, which includes the option to edit text and image. Click on the image tab, choose Insert Picture, and choose the picture you want to insert in the pop-up window. At this time, the thumbnail of the picture will show at the lower right corner of the mouse, move the mouse, and left click on the space to insert the picture. After that, the picture is inserted to the document.


How to Delete Pages from PDF

Click on the "Pages" on the top center of VivPDF interface to open the editing panel. Click the "Delete" button. Click on it and a pop up window shows up. You can customize the pages to delete, choose pages you want to delete and then click "OK" button. Now you successfully delete and cut the pages you want.


How to Add Page Numbers to PDF

To insert page numbers into the PDF file you need to click the "Pages" button on the top right corner of the main window. And then you will see a "Header & Footer" button. Click on the button and then choose "Add Headers and Footers" option. A window will pop up for you to customize the settings and preview the file. There is the button "Insert Page Number", just click on it. You will see the real-time effect on your file preview, you can make more customize settings as you want. When done, just click "OK" button to save your settings, the page numbers will be added to you PDF pages. Easy, isn't it?

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