How to Add Links to PDF Documents on Windows PC

We often see PDF documents with built-in links to lead to related website. It looks very attractive, especially in the publicity documents of some enterprises. It makes the reader more convenient to go to their website, but also makes the document more professional.

How to add your own links to PDF documents? Please follow below steps.

Section 1Download and install VivPDF Editor

add links to pdf documents

VivPDF Editor is a PDF editing software with comprehensive functions. It allows you to create, view, annotate PDF documents, edit text and image in PDF documents, add header and footer, watermark, and security protection to PDF documents and everything else you may need. All the editing to PDF document can be achieved by VivPDF Editor.

Certainly, VivPDF Editor can be used to add links to PDF documents, and set it with different appearance such as color and line, or set it to be visible or invisible. Everything you need can be done in VivPDF Editor.

Section 2Add links to PDF documents

Step 1. Open your document with VivPDF Editor

Please double click on the shortcut of VivPDF Editor on your desktop to run the program, and go to menu File -> Open to choose the PDF document to open it.

You can also drag your PDF document into the VivPDF Editor window to open it.

Besides, if you have set VivPDF Editor as your default PDF viewer, you can simply double click on the PDF document to open it.

open files

Step 2. Add links

You can find Edit Tools at the right corner in VivPDF Editor, choose Content Editing>Add Link, then click on the space that you want to add the link to or drag your mouse to draw a box to custom the size of the link.

To add link for existing texts in PDF document, you can drag the mouse to choose the text content, then choose Content Editing>Add Link and set appearance and related link in the above floating control bar. In this way, the link can be added successfully.

open files

Step 3. Edit links

If you are not satisfied with some links in the document, you can click on Content Editing>Add Link, and then choose the link to change the appearance and link address.To remove extra link, you can right click on it and choose Delete to remove it.

edit links

Step 4. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

save file