How to Change Line Space in PDF

It is not a common requirement to change line space. However,if it is required,it will be a headache if the PDF Editing tool in hand doesn’t have this feature.There are many PDF editing tools in the market.Although the price is not cheap, more of them are developed based on commercial purpose. They may lack the basic functions, like changing line space.Therefore, when choosing a suitable program, it not only requires to fix the current problem, but also to solve the problem when encountering some complicated editing. It will save much time and money.

Section 1A Professional Editing Tool

change line space in pdf

VivPDF is a professional PDF editing tool,focus on editing PDF content.It includes not only normal editing feature,but also advanced editing like line space, word space, and word width and so on. The price is also more affordable than other common editing tools.

    The text content editing feature contains:

  • Add, edit and remove text.
  • Change text properties like font, size, color, style, etc.
  • Left, middle and right three types of alignment.
  • Change letter width, letter space, word space and line space.
  • Increase or decrease text indent.

Section 2Change Line Space in VivPDF

Step 1. Open your document with VivPDF Editor

Please double click on the shortcut of VivPDF Editor on your desktop to run the program, and go to menu File>Open to choose the PDF document to open it.

You can also drag your PDF document into the VivPDF Editor window to open it.

Besides, if you have set VivPDF Editor as your default PDF viewer, you can simply double click on the PDF document to open it.

change line space

Step 2. Change line spac

Find and select Edit button at the top toolbar in the program,the program will enter into editing mode automatically,with a right toolbar prompt up.Select the text content you want to change the line space,and left click on the Line Space option in the right toolbar,it will prompt up a box for you to fill in the value. After that,you will see the effect immediately.If you are not satisfied with it, you can try multiple adjustments till you are satisfied with the result.

change line space

Step 3. Change other properties

Sometimes, you may not only need to change line space, but also the letter or word space to make the document look not so crowded. Select the text content you want to adjust, and click on corresponding button in the right toolbar to change it, such as letter space or word space. You can try different values to find the effect which satisfies you.

change other properties

Step 4. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

save file