How to Change PDF Page Size

To tidy up your PDF files can be handled in different ways. Changing PDF page size or compress PDF is a recommended way to do so. It is always from profession PDF editing tool like Acrobat, PDF reader or VivPDF. Even you can use virtual PDF printers that allow users to regulate the size of a PDF file and save it as a print-ready option. However, the actual file size remains the same. How can you easily change PDF page size and perform several other functions making it easy to work with PDFs? Here's I will show you the solution.

Section 1A Best Tool to Change PDF Page Size

change pdf page size

Sometimes you may see there are a lot of PDF files with different sizes on you computer, sometimes you want to send the PDF file to others but find it too large too send as attachement. It's really a disastar in this situaton. Now PDF page size can be changed and you can compress the PDF to downsize it at any time. With VivPDF you may now change PDF size in a few steps. So that there's no problem to send the file, right?

Section 2Step by Step to Shrink PDF Page Size

Step 1. Import and Open PDF File

Start VivPDF. Click "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. Select the file you want to change size from the pop-up window. Click "Open". The file loads into the VivPDF.

change page size of pdf

Step 2. Edit PDF

It's similiar with word processor that VivPDF can do most of the text editing operation. You can easily make changes on the texts, images and pages in a PDF. Click "Edit Tool" button on the top right corner of the VivPDF main window, then go to the "Content Editing" section. You may find several edit buttons there. Just edit the PDF as you want, it's easy Word.

change page size of pdf

Step 3. Adjust PDF Page Size

First way you can do is to remove images in PDF. Since the images usually occupy large size of the PDF.

Secondly you may remove the useless pages to change the PDF size. You may edit the text into other pages instead.

pdf change page size