How to change PDF Text Font Quickly

When editing a PDF document, it may requires to change the text font to make the entire document more professional. Therefore, a professional PDF editing tool should provide the font editing feature. However, we may often be confused by the name of the font, it is neither easy to understand, nor convenient for subsequent management and maintenance. Some fonts may even contain part of characters, which will lead to the situation that the font doesn’t match when adding text.

Actually, it only takes a few step to solve this problem. It will not only make the document more artistic, but also very convenient to do subsequent editing.

Section 1Easy to Use PDF Editing Tool

change pdf text font quickly

First of all, it requires a PDF Editing tool.It is complicated to process the text font in PDF document.Therefore,it is very important to choose an effective program to achieve it.VivPDF is an editing tool, which specializes in editing PDF content, not only acting quickly during processing text, but also with a small installer which is worth to download and have a try.

Section 2Edit Text Font in VivPDF

Step 1. Import and Open PDF File

Start VivPDF. Click "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. Select the file you want to change size from the pop-up window. Click "Open". The file loads into the VivPDF.

open files

Step 2. Edit PDF

It's similiar with word processor that VivPDF can do most of the text editing operation. You can easily make changes on the texts in a PDF. Click "Edit Tool" button on the top right corner of the VivPDF main window, then go to the "Content Editing" section. You may find several edit buttons there. Just edit the PDF as you want, it's easy Word.

edit ext

Step 3. Edit complex font

When you click any section of the text under editing mode,the font of current text will be displayed in the right panel.You can check the entire document,and change the font properties of those complex fonts to remove the complex fonts from your document.When you choose a different font,it will take effect right away,which allows you to see the effect immediately and makes it easy to find the font you need. After that,the document will be specification.It will be very convenient for you to add, edit or remove text in subsequent editing.

edit complex font

Step 4. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

save file