How to Change Text Color In PDF

PDF document is often printed in daily work and life. However, not everyone has a color printer. When you print a document, you may find out that some clear texts become blurry after printing due to the color of text is red. However, those red texts are normally very important. Do we need to change the text color to black before printing? Or shall we make the font bold to emphasize its importance?

We can not change text color in PDF documents by a regular PDF Reader. Therefore, you will need a PDF Editing tool to help you solve this problem.

Section 1A Good Editing Tool to Change Text Color

change text color in pdf

A good editing tool can help you solve the problem, and also save your time.VivPDF is focus on editing PDF content. It helps you change text color and other properties easily, and only takes a few easy steps.

Section 2Add Text in VivPDF

Step 1. Import and Open PDF File

Start VivPDF. Click "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. Select the file you want to change text color from the pop-up window. Click "Open". The file loads into the VivPDF.

open files

Step 2. Change text color

Drag the mouse to select the text content you want to change the text color, and choose corresponding color in the right panel.

change text color in pdf

Step 3. Change other properties of the text

After changing text color, you can also try to change other properties. For example, you can click on the bold button to emphasize text content, or try the underline and italic effect and so on.

change text other properties

Step 4. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

save file