How to Crop PDF Pages

To crop a PDF page will help you to remove those useless content or pages. Or you will get a downsize PDF document after copped it. With so much good points, why don't we get start to crop PDF pages right away? In this article, I will tell you the easiest solution to crop PDF pages with the best PDF page cropper.

Section 1The Best PDF Page Cropper

crop pdf pages

One of my favourite and best PDF cropping software is VivPDF which scores top in PDF cropping. This tool has some of the best editing features to crop PDF pages. It will help you to modify PDF texts, images and pages, or annotating and highlighting all of which are within the capabilities of the program.

Section 2How to Crop Pages in PDF

Step 1. Load and open PDF file

Start VivPDF and click the "File >> Open" button on the menu button. Then browse your local folder to target the PDF file. Just as easy as you open other documents, right?

crop pages in pdf

Step 2. Crop PDF Page

There is a "Edit Tool" button on the top right cornor of the VivPDF editor. Click the "Edit Tool" button to open the panel. Navigate to the "Pages" section. You will now see a "Crop" button. Click the "Crop" button and now you can click and drag on the document main page. Double click on the area where you just drag to activate the dialog to change the settings. You can set the border, pages to apply and other metrics. Click "OK" to make the changes. This is how to crop PDF page.

crop pdf page

Step 3. Edit PDF Page

Apart from cropping, VivPDF supports other PDF editing function, such as edit PDF text, edit PDF page, extract or delete PDF pages. There are more other functions for you to explore.

how to crop a pdf page