How to Cut Pages from PDF

In some situation, you may want to cut off some things from the PDF file, like words, images or even pages. But the truth is that, without certain tool, it is very hard for you to edit PDF because PDF file is designed to prevent from editing then to maintain its original format. So this article is for you to let you know how to edit PDF and cut pages by using PDF editing tool.

Section 1A PDF editor for you to Cut PDF Page

cut pages from pdf

You must meet with situations in which you try to edit or cut PDF pages but fail in your work. Honestly speaking, it's true hard to do so. But now, with VivPDF you can easily handle editing and cutting PDF pages. With its help, you are guaranteed to have an easy time editing, copying, and deleting different items from your PDF.

Section 2Step by step tutorial to Cut Page from PDF

Here are steps for you to easily edit and cut PDF pages with VivPDF.

Step 1. Add PDF to the Program

Launch VivPDF on your computer and click the "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. Then you will be prompted to browse through your PDF files to choose which one you want to work on.

how to cut pages from pdf

Step 2. Cut Pages in PDF

Click on the "Edit Tool" on the top right corner of VivPDF interface to open the editing panel. Click on the "Pages" section and there is the "Delete" button. Click on it and a pop up window shows up. You can customize the pages to delete, choose pages you want to delete and then click "OK" button.

Now you successfully delete and cut the pages you want.

cut pdf pages

Step 3. Edit Your PDF If Necessary

After cutting, you are also able to further editing your PDF document. Navigate to the "Content Editing" or "Pages" panel, you can do a lot of PDF editing operation as you need.

That's all, isn't it easy?

how to cut pdf pages