How to Edit PDF Document in Windows 10

No matter in daily life or work, more and more people are using windows 10 as operation system.Therefore,as a cross-platform office document format,PDF is facing a situation whether it can work as convenient as usual in the new operation system.Many PDF editing tools from small companies can not support to work well in windows 10.Here we would like to recommend you a good PDF editing tool in windows 10.

Section 1The Best PDF Editing Tool in Windows 10

edit pdf document in windows 10

VivPDF Editor is the best PDF editing tool in windows 10. Because it is developed based on windows 10. The render and text processing is very fast, not to mention that the installer is smaller than other PDF editing too, which will be much more convenient to download and install.

Section 2Edit PDF Document in VivPDF

Step 1. Import and Open PDF File

Start VivPDF. Click "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. Select the file you want to change text color from the pop-up window. Click "Open". The file loads into the VivPDF.

edit pdf document in windows 10

Step 2. Edit PDF document

In the top toolbar of the program, it includes the most common PDF editing functions, such as creating, converting, text editing, page organizing and securing and so on. Just click on any function you want.

If you want to edit text in PDF document, you can click on the Edit button. The program will enter into editing mode, with a right toolbar prompt up which you can see all available text editing functions and other PDF content editing options.

If you want to organize the pages, to insert, delete, split, rotate or crop pages, you can click on the Pages button, and then choose the corresponding editing function in the right toolbar. Only one step to achieve it.

If you do not see the function you need in the top toolbar, you can click on the More Tools option on the right. It includes almost all available PDF Editing functions. You must be able to find what you want.

edit pdf document

Step 3. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

save file