How to Edit PDF Text in Adobe DC?

During processing PDF documents, we may encounter following situation, there are some small mistakes in PDF documents, and we need to edit one word or number. Without Adobe DC, we may try below two methods, one is to find the original file, edit it and convert it to PDF file. The other one is to convert the PDF file to other format, edit it and convert it back to PDF file. Both methods are too complicated. Sometimes, it may not work well. Here we would like to introduce how to edit text in Adobe DC and also offer a third way to edit the PDF document.

Section 1Edit PDF Text in Adobe DC

change pdf page size

Open the PDF document in Adobe DC, if it is a trial version, it will require to purchase the licensed version (449.00 dollars).

Go to Edit menu from the right toolbar, and click on the text editing option.

You will be able to add text, edit text and add image and so on.

It is easy for you to edit text in Adobe DC. However, it is too much expensive. You should try other editing software as well.

Section 2Another PDF software which is very easy to edit text

VivPDF is focus on editing PDF documents. The text editing function is no less than Adobe DC, but the price is more affordable (only 29.95 dollars). The operation in VivPDF may be even much easier than in Adobe DC.

Step 1. Open your document with VivPDF

After you download and install VivPDF, please double click on the shortcut of VivPDF on your desktop to run the program, and go to menu File>Open to choose the PDF document to open it.

You can also drag your PDF document into the VivPDF window to open it.

Besides, if you have set VivPDF as your default PDF viewer, you can simply double click on the PDF document to open it. (About how to set VivPDF as your default PDF viewer, please click here).

open files

Step 2. Edit Text

Please select the Edit tool on the top toolbar, and then you can start to edit text. You can find all available text editing tools at the right toolbar in the program, such as font, size, color, paragraph alignment, indent and etc. Moreover, you can also add image and links. All the editing features are available and the operation is very simple and easy.

edit text

Step 3. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

save file