How to Edit PDFs for Free

It is more and more convenient to distribute PDF documents. It becomes more and more popular in people’s work and life. The requirement to edit PDF document increases accordingly. With a professional PDF editing tool, you will be able to edit the file structure and content. Here we will introduce several free PDF editing tools emphatically. Hope it will help you.

Note: If you want to edit the file structure or content of the PDF document, such as changing text properties, page layout or page organizing, please choose the professional PDF editing tool—VivPDF Editor.

Section 1Free PDF Editing Tools

change line space in pdf

Top 1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a professional PDF reader tool developed by Adobe.It also integrates the comment function, and is totally free. When you need to communicate with your colleague through PDF document during work, it can help you. You can add comment in any place of the document to let people know that there is changes required, others can reply to you on your comment to explain the reason why. Just like this, the communication will be very smooth. Wherever there is any doubt, just make a comment on it. Adobe Reader provides many kinds of comment tools for you to use.

Top 2. PDFescape

PDFescape is a free online tool. You can upload your file to their editing page to edit it in the browser. You can insert image or text as you like. However, the only concern is that you can not remove the content. You can hide some sensitive information by the redaction tool. If you only have one simple requirement to insert text, you can choose this product as a supplement of Adobe Reader.

Top 3. Google Docs

This is actually a different document format.You can editing any content after you upload the file,to insert, edit or remove the text, just like editing in word. The only problem is that when you finish the editing and download it to your local file, the original image in the document will be missing. Therefore, if you do not have any image in your file, this may be a good choice for you. Moreover, it is also totally free to use.

Section 2Professional PDF Editing Tool

If all the above tools can not meet your requirement, or you may consider it unsecure to upload your file, or it may be too much time consuming for you to use several tools to edit your file, you can try the professional PDF editing tool—VivPDF Editor. All the editing requirements you may have, it can achieve.

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