How to Extract Pages from PDF with PDF Editor

There are very many ways you can do extrat PDF pages from the PDF file. But, it depends a lot on the type of software program which you are using. In this article, you will learn how extract pages from PDF in the easiest way.

Section 1The Program to Extract PDF Pages

extract pages from pdf

Out of the many tools to extract pages from PDF available for your selection, VivPDF stands out from the crowd as a suitable alternative. It’s very professional and efficient and easy to use. With its help, you can easily change texts, images and pages in PDF and annotate your documents with tools like sticky note, highlight etc.

To extract PDF page is a professtion fuction of VivPDF expecially when you want to split or extract PDF pages into several PDF files.

Section 2Step by Step Tutorial to Extract Page from PDF

In the following paragraph, I will show you how to extract PDF pages step by step.

Step 1. Load PDF in VivPDF

Start by importing all your PDF files to VivPDF. Click the "File >> Open" button to browse the folders on your computer, then choose the right PDF file you want to edit to load into VivPDF.

how to extract pages from pdf

Step 2. Extract Pages in PDF

This is the point where you will carry out the actual extraction of pages. Click on "Edit Tool" button on the top right corner of the VivPDF main window. Then navigate to the "Pages" section and you will see the "Extract" button. Click on it and then the Exract window pops up. You can customize page range to extract, or optional to choose to delete extracted files or extract PDF pages into files.

extract pdf pages