How to Add Page Numbers to PDF File for free?

More than 90% of PDF documents page number do not match actual page number.

More and more companies or individuals like to use the PDF document format in their daily work. Some large documents need to have a standardized page number, so that when you reading you can easier to find the corresponding page.And such documents are included The cover and the directory, cause the page number of the document is difficult to match to the actual page number, unless we can tolerate the cover page as the first page. Therefore, to add page number in the PDF document is a very common application, besides adding page number also need some rules to let the page looks more professional and more beautiful.

Today, we introduce a simple and easy to use, and powerful PDF editor VivPDF Editor, with which you can insert the page number quickly and easily, and also set the page format specification. The good news is, now you can receive free activation code of this product, which means, you can insert the page number in your PDF document by free.

VivPDF Editor 3.0

VivPDF Editor

Product Nmae: VivPDF Editor 3

Product Size: 14.1 MB

System Support: Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP

Language Support: Enaglish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Duth

Features: Create PDF, Convert PDF to Office format, OCR, Edit Text, Edit Image, Edit Link, Insert Pages, Delete Pages, Crop Pages, Rotate Pages, Reorder Pages, Split Pages, Watermark, Background, Herder&Footer, Bates Number, Password, Signature, Comments,

You can refer following article to know how to get free registration code:How to Edit PDF Files for Free?

One of the main function of the VivPDF Editor is you can insert page number in any PDF document. You can also edit the format of the page number, such as: Page 1, Page 1/1000, Page 1 of 1000. According to your needs, you can set a specific format, and then add page into PDF document just by one click through the set format.

Please continue to look down if you want to know how to add page numbers to your PDF document by VivPDF Editor.

After downloading, double-click the VivPDF installation package; continue to click “next” bottom until installation complete. The whole process takes less than 1 minute.

After the installation is successful, start the VivPDF Editor, click “Open” to select the document you want to edit, then click the “top of the page” button which in the right side of the toolbar, select the “Header & Footer” button, click Add Header and Footer.

Set the location where you want to add the pages, and page format, and need to add pages ahead or after which pages in the pop-up window. You can also click “insert page number” button, that you can add page by type in whatever you want.

With free activation code, VivPDF can not only insert the page number to PDF document for free, but also includes the following:

  • Free to modify the text of the document content, insert the text, delete the text, and modify the text style.
  • Free to adjust the page size of the document, insert or deleted page, as well as split the document.
  • Add password protection or digital signatures for documents for free.

Of course, you can choose a more advanced way by use Acrobat to add page numbers to PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat has become a leading manufacturer of PDF tools. It includes text editing, page editing, insert page numbers, and so on. You can use Adobe Acrobat DC If you want to insert page numbers into PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat provides a range of features, create, edit, import and export, etc., as well as inserting page numbers into PDF documents. You can use the following simple operation to insert the page number into the PDF document by using Adobe Acrobat.

Now let me introduce the way to add pages into your PDF document by Adobe Acrobat. First, start Adobe Acrobat DC and open the document you want to edit. Then select “Edit PDF”button and click the “Header & Footer” button. Set the format, position, etc. of the inserted page number in the pop up the box, and then click the “OK” button.

Choose the program that suits you best.

The above two programs can be used to add the page into the PDF document, but Adobe Acrobat is a bit expensive, and VivPDF Editor is free. Besides, VivPDF including powerful PDF edit functions so it is your best choice for your pdf edit.