How to Convert Images to PDF Files

Pdf is a unique file format for documentation and presentation. It is one of the most modern and official method of word and writing platforms that are required worldwide. In fact, people are specific about sending documents in PDF formats. PDF which means Portable File Format as it states presents documents in a portable and static format which keeps it same after a very long time, it also opens without any changes on any PDF reader both on Desktop and Mobile view.

The conversion of images to PDF is presently in use, this is because people are becoming very comfortable in sending, sharing and using PDF files. It is both easier to share, send and convenient to use. It is easier to keep and they are very safe to handle. There are lots of reasons why people convert images to PDF.


They are various advantages of PDF images which vary from functionality to accessibility.The security of files is also an important aspect of PDF images.PDF images can be encrypted with a security code for safety and security.

Also, the state of a PDF is stable and static even after a very long period of time. It remains exactly the same way it is made when viewed by various users.

  • PDF files are much smaller than JPG/PNG especially multiple articles.
  • PDF Images have the possibility of Pinching and zooming. It means that they can be zoomed to various levels.
  • All interactive Overlays support the use of PDF format which means it is a generally accepted file format for image and document presentation.
  • The latest version of PDF supports viewers for users of Android, iOS, Mac and Desktop viewers too.

These are some of the advantages of converting images to PDF and they are other reasons not mentioned here that make PDF images stand out among other format of images.


A lot of image format can be converted to PDF, so if you are trying to convert an image to PDF all these image formats can be converted to PDF (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF or GIF). These are the basic formats of images and they can all be successfully converted to PDF easily without dropping a sweat.


image to pdf

VivPDF EDIT is the ultimate image to pdf converter. Converting an image or images on Vivpdf Edit is as easy as ABC just like plug and play no technique needed no skill required.

VivPDF EDIT is a new and unique PDF converter and it works perfectly for image conversion, it is presently one of the best image converters.

Once you have gotten the image you want to convert all you need is VIVPDF EDIT application, if you have it then you can easily start converting. If you do not have VIVPDF application please download here. Available to Windows and Mac, you can get the free version to enjoy smooth and simple image conversion.

  • Once your VivPDF EDIT application is open.
  • Click create from the file above.
  • Select the image to convert and click open.
  • The image is opened in pdf.
  • Select “save” to save the image.

At this point, your image is in PDF format and ready to use.

This method is used to convert only a single image to PDF when you want to convert images to PDF a different method is used. We will be discussing that on the next step.


image to pdf

There is also an option of converting multiple images to PDF. This method can put multiple images on a single PDF file. This is a better method of converting a group of images instead of sending them individually.

  • You have to convert all the images to PDF using the first method.
  • Click on “Pages” Insert the images from file to insert multiple PDF to one PDF file.
  • Save file to save the multiple Images.

This method is just like plug and play and can be done by everyone who has any knowledge of using a computer. Your Images can now be conveniently shared, sent or created on PDF for easy accessibility and usability.

Finally, VivPDF EDIT is a modern and exceptional image converter, it is truly professional and easy to use. It is fast and efficient in image conversion and it can keep your images safe and secured. The methods of using this file converter are easy to understand and apply in carrying this tasks, it requires absolutely no experience in carrying out. This way your image format can remain the same for as long as it is in PDF form, it doesn’t get better than VivPDF EDIT. Wait no more because converting image to PDF just got easier.