How To copy Content From PDF Document

Coping text from pdf to other format has always been a major problem people encounter when they use PDF. This particular behavior of some pdf files is not an error or a problem, but there are various circumstances that make it impossible to copy texts from PDF; below are some of the reasons:

  • The files are scanned pdf files.
  • The documents do not permit content copy (ie read only PDF).
  • The PDF file has watermark on top of the page.

There are other reasons we cannot copy text from PDF but this reasons are the basics.

We truly understand the kind of inconveniences this issue would have caused you a lot of time.We will be showing you a very simple step you can easily use to have full access to PDF files with restrictions. VivPDF Edit is the application that makes all these problems disappear, you can easily download and install this application Here.This application works perfectly well on Mac and Windows.


With VivPDF Edit you can easily copy PDF text following this steps.

  • The first step of copying from the PDF file with restrictions is to convert the PDF file to word.
  • Install and open the file you want to convert.
  • Click “Convert” to convert your text to word.
  • Then click “remove”.
  • Viola! Your pdf is converted to text.

These simple steps are simple and have various options to what you can convert them to, you can convert them to word, text, html, powerpoint, excel etc.

Also, after converting from PDF to word, you can easily copy the word to text. This above method works perfectly for all kinds of PDF with restrictions and control.


Coping text from a scanned PDF file or document can be a little bit complicated or sound difficult to do.Scanned documents or PDF are not editable neither can you adjust them. VivPDF Edit can copy and edit your scanned pdf in split seconds. You have nothing to worry because we will be showing you clear steps you can easily follow to copy text from scanned pdf file. Follow the steps below to complete the actions.

If you have installed the VivPDF application.

  • Open the VivPDF Edit application.
  • Click on “OCR”.
  • The text would appear on the dashboard.

With this very steps, you can simply and comfortably copy texts from a scanned document. You do not need to rewrite your scanned documents because VivPDF can easily and quickly do that for you with these steps above.



remove watermark

Have you ever wanted to copy text from a PDF file and you notice it has a watermark? Yea I know how it feels. Some documents not only have texts written below the texts but also above the text. This makes it difficult to copy the text if not even impossible, but with VivPDF Edit all you need do is just follow the steps below and copy the texts not withstanding where the watermark is located.

Follow the simple steps on how to copy text from a PDF with watermark.

  • Install and open file.
  • Click "Pages".
  • It will pop up a drop down list then select "Watermark".
  • Then click “remove”.
  • The watermark will automatically be removed.

When you have successfully removed the watermark, then you can now easily copy the text from the pdf document. Now you know how to copy text from pdf file or document with watermark. We will briefly discuss other little functions of VivPDF, with this application you can do so much.


VivPDF is a unique application with awesome method of operations, its functions are numerous and also it presents a very simple method of doing things that seem difficult or impossible to do. I will briefly list some other services and functions that can be carried out easily with VivPDF application.

  • create pdf files and documents.
  • convert to office and other word formats.
  • sign Pdf files.
  • comment.

There are other functions that can be carried out with VivPDF. Its functionalities are enormous, please if you have not gotten this wonderful application you can easily download it and install it Here. You can also check out our trial version to enjoy some of the services that come with the trial version.

Now you know how to easily copy texts from Pdf files and document with the use of VivPDF Edit. It does not get easier than this because VivPDF is basically a plug and play system and it entails no technicality or any special skill to use its features and functions.