How To Link Page View In PDF Document

As easy as it might sound, one part of PDF edit that people find it very difficult to accomplish and understand is how to direct a web link to a pdf page.It can get more complicated when it has to be a specific page inside other pages. There are several reasons why people link page view in pdf.The reasons which vary from referencing a particular work or statement but also a clarification of what is being said from an encompassing page or document. Thus, no specific reason is completely behind why links are attached on Pdf. Another popular reason why this action is carried out maybe to add link to directory. Whenever only links are needed for a directory,it can be connected from normal and clear pdf files. In this article we will explain in clear terms how we can easily overcome this issues with VivPDF Edit.This application will easily, and in clear steps explain the basic and necessary steps in adding links to a pdf file.


adding link page to pdf

Adding link page to pdf file can easily be done with VivPDF application,it is one of the plenty features of VivPDF edit. This is one of the simplest actions you can perform, the use of link page is very essential. These steps below when followed can insert link to pages.

  • Install and open file.
  • Click Edit > links > insert link.
  • Select go to a page view.
  • Select page by thumbnail.
  • Save file.

The above steps with VivPDF edit can easily add links to a pdf document. If you ever want to carry out this action you know exactly what and how to do it. The steps can be repeated many times as possible to complete this action.

The VivPDF application works perfectly on mac and windows including windows 10. To enjoy endless access to VivPDF you can easily download and in here. You can also try our trial version to give you a tip of the usability and functionality.


other type of links

They are obviously other types of links you could add to a pdf file, the links could be directions to various places where more information about is contained there is written or it can be an extension of the information on the PDF. It can work either way but the fact to have in mind is that adding any type of links like web, video or music links is never difficult with VivPDF.

  • Music/picture link.
  • Video link.
  • Web link.

The various links stated above can be added to a pdf document using the various steps listed on this article. Below we will be showing you how to add link to open a file.


adding link to open a file

Adding links to open a pdf file is very easy but has chains of instructions, nothing too difficult to do. VivPDF was created with great passion for clarity and simplicity. It tends to find a very simple and concise way of carrying out all the complicated activities carried out on a pdf.Below are the steps of adding a link to open a file.

  • Install and open file.
  • Click Edit > links > insert link.
  • Select open a file and select a file.
  • Save file.
  • Work complete!

The steps are simple and straight forward, I believe anyone who can follow basic instructions can easily accomplish this task effortlessly. You can try it over again to add a link to open a file.


add a web link

The last phase of instructions we will be giving on this article is on how to add a web link to your pdf document. This is the last but surly not the least. With VivPDF application, you can easily add a web link with the series of steps out lined below. This guide should be followed step after each step for best result.

  • Install and open file.
  • Click Edit > links > insert link.
  • Select open a web link.
  • Input URL.
  • Save file.

It is that simple and you need not go round in circle to simply add a web link or hyperlink on a pdf file. the steps above is just what you need to add web links to your pdf file or document.

VivPDF is a recommended pdf reader and converter because of its numerous functionalities, this article has shown you various methods of simply adding and manipulating links on a pdf file. It doesn’t get easier than VivPDF because we believe that life is simple and we could make it simpler. So now you have leant how to carry out these various actions and successfully finish them. Do not hesisitate to tell us your experience with VivPDF and remember it is a PDF converter with a difference.