How To Split PDF To Multiple Files

Have you ever tried to split a PDF file? Do know how to split a pdf file? These are questions that sound very difficult to answer but we will be treating them individually to teach you the methods of splitting pdf files. Before we delve completely into that let me explain briefly why people split pdf files or documents. One of the major reasons is because the pdf file or document might be too big to read, also it is also noticed that readers prefer to read documents or books in chapters to show progression on the file or pdf book they are reading. It is also important to note that this does not undermine the document or is it faltered.

In Addition, they are a different method of splitting PDF files into multiple files. I will also explain the various ways you can split a pdf file. the choice of method to use solely lies on the user and what he wants to use it for, but all methods correctly split pdf files. Below are different methods people use to split or separate pdf pages.

  • By number of pages.
  • By file size.
  • By top-level bookmark.


split pdf by number of pages

Splitting of pages by number is quite very simple and easy to understand with VivPDF Edit. It is the separation of pages of a pdf document by numbers. This is the most popular method of page separation because it is very efficient and concise. It can make a document easy to monitor and access. With every page having a page number files can easily found with great ease. Below are the steps involved in splitting a pdf file with number of pages method:

  • Install and open file.
  • Click Pages > Split Document.
  • Select Number of pages.
  • Then pages will be split.

VivPDF is the most suitable application to carry out this function without dropping a sweat. The steps above present a holistic and concise way of carrying out this action as fast and effective as possible.


split pdf by file size

The second method with the use of VivPDF application doesn’t get any easier, you can easily separate pdf files by the size of each file, this method is used when the files to be sent is very large and maybe the sending platform has limits of files to be sent. This method can easily split files according to sizes for easy sending and assessment. The steps below are used to split pdf file by size with VivPDF Edit application.

  • Install and open file.
  • Click Pages > Split Document.
  • Select File Size.
  • Your documesnt is now separated with the specified file size.

Wasn’t that very easy? You can repeat the steps to split pdf files or document to any specified size of your choice. VivPDF just makes everything so simple, concise and accurate.


split pdf by top-level bookmark

This is the last method of splitting pdf file, with this method pdf files can be separated according to the bookmarks provided in the file. I will be sharing the various steps on how to separate pdf files with this method:

  • Install and open file.
  • Click Pages > Split Document.
  • Select Top-Level Bookmarks.
  • Your documesnt is now separated with the specified file size.

This simple method is very effective and can easily split pdf with VivPDF application. It works perfectly on windows operating system, you can easily download and install this application free here or try our free version here.


set output options

This output option varies a lot when you have concluded with whatever function with VivPDF application. There are actions that you can change after carrying out any of the actions you can change the method of the output of the pdf file. the steps below will display some of the options you can change to when you want to save a file you have finished working on.

  • Target folder:same folder with start file, custom folder.
  • File name:label, number, separator etc.

The actions and steps listed in this article are steps to use with VivPDF application. These actions can really make your work easy and faster. The steps entail methods that are simple to follow and easily understandable. That is why among a lot of other applications, VivPDF stands out among them all.