How to Insert Picture Into PDF with PDF Editor

It is a common requirement to insert picture into PDF file. A PDF file with pictures embeded is of much higher quality than the one without. Obviously, it is not possible to insert picture with Adobe Reader. Therefore, it requires a suitable PDF editing tool to help you solve this problem.

Section 1The PDF Editing Tool of Highest Cost Performance

insert picture into pdf

With most of PDF editing tools, you can insert pictures to PDF files, which is the basic function. Therefore, when choosing PDF editing tool, you can consider much more about cost performance.VivPDF comes at a lower price with powerful functions. It has high cost performance, which is worth downloading and giving it a try.

Section 2Insert Picture into PDF File in VivPDF

Step 1. Import and Open PDF File

Start VivPDF. Click "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. Select the file you want to insert picture from the pop-up window. Click "Open". The file loads into the VivPDF.

insert picture into pdf

Step 2. Insert picture

Find and select the Edit button in the top toolbar, the program will enter into editing mode automatically with a right toolbar prompt up, which includes the option to edit text and image. Click on the image tab, choose Insert Picture, and choose the picture you want to insert in the pop-up window. At this time, the thumbnail of the picture will show at the lower right corner of the mouse, move the mouse, and left click on the space to insert the picture. After that, the picture is inserted to the document.

insert picture into pdf

Step 3. Change appearance of the picture

After inserting the picture, if you are not satisfied with the size or location or other properties, you can move the mouse to select any one of the eight blue points, left click on the mouse and drag the mouse to adjust the width and height. Or left click on any one of the four corner points, and press Ctrl in your keyboard at the same time to rotate the picture. Moreover, you can also type in the value in the right blank to do accurate adjustment.

change appearance of the picture

Step 4. Save file

After editing your document, please click on menu File>Save to save the changes. Please do save the PDF document, if not, all the changes will be gone.

insert picture into pdf

Section 3Using Adobe Acrobat to Add Picture to PDF Files

Step 1. Run Adobe Acrobat

Run the program and open the PDF file which you want to insert image into.

insert picture into pdf

Step 2. Add Picture to PDF Document

Click "Add image" button and select the picture which you want to insert into the PDF files. Then left-click your mouse where you want insert the image in the PDF file.

insert picture into pdf

Step 3. Adjustment and Save

After inserting the picture, you can adjust size and postion until it suits the environment. Don't forget to save your file before closing the program.

change appearance of the picture