How to Insert Text into PDF for Free?

Really Free Ways

PDF is a convenient and easy to share document format, many companies and individuals like use this format in their business areas. But pdf edit is a very difficult thing, you can not edit the PDF document without a professional software.

There are many professional software, most of the free products can only insert some notes, rather than really insert text into PDF document. Today we recommend two products: VivPDF Editor and Foxit Reader, both can edit the pdf document with free of charge that should be your best choice.

Section 1Add Additional Text to PDF by using VivPDF Editor

VivPDF Editor

Product Nmae: VivPDF Editor 3

Product Size: 14.1 MB

System Support: Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP

Language Support: Enaglish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Duth

Features: Create PDF, Convert PDF to Office format, OCR, Edit Text, Edit Image, Edit Link, Insert Pages, Delete Pages, Crop Pages, Rotate Pages, Reorder Pages, Split Pages, Watermark, Background, Herder&Footer, Bates Number, Password, Signature, Comments,

VivPDF Editor is an easy-to-use PDF editor that contains almost all PDF editing features, and the product is very small, the interface is also very simple, so you no need to worry about how to use it. The most important thing is this product is doing activities currently, you can receive free STD version of the activation code, and you can use it for a whole year after registration by activation code.

You can go to following article to know the detail method of how to get registration code: How to Edit PDF Files for Free?

The pdf edit will become very simple with the tool. You can insert PDF text into the document directly. First click the button below to download VivPDF Editor (only 14.1MB).

Double-click the installation after download. The installation can be completed by continue click "next" and it only take 1 minute to complete. Start VivPDF Editor after installation. Click "Open" to open the document you want to edit, an then click Edit button on the top to go into edit mode, and then select the text in the document to edit the text content, you can insert text, delete text. You can also modify the text content and attributes. Click on file-> save to save the edited document when editing is complete.

You can refer to this article to know more detail ways to insert text: How to insert text in PDF File?

If the layout of the text flow is required, you can try to convert PDF documents to Word for editing. Save the document to PDF after editing. VivPDF Editor also supports Convert PDF to Word.

Section 2Insert Text into PDF Document by Using Foxit Reader

In principle, Foxit Reader is just a PDF reader that we can see from it's name. This reader also integrates the function of inserting text. If you simply insert the text, you can try to use this product. To insert text into a PDF file, start the application, and then click File. Select "Open" and select the PDF file which you want to add the text. Click the "Comment" menu and click "Typewriter". Click the area where you want to add the text and type it. You can also move it to another location by clicking the text that you typed and dragging it to its new location. However, it does not allow you to edit the existing text and convert the file to another format such as Word.

Foxit Reader

Finally, add one more point.

Both products can use to insert text into PDF documents, but VivPDF provides a more diverse approach, including direct insertion of text and conversion to Word editing. In addition, if you need to edit the text content, Foxit Reader can not do it.