How to Reorder Pages in PDF with PDF Editor

PDF pages can be reordered, which means, you can change the order of your PDF pages, such to move the fifth page to the third place. To reorder PDF pages can be done in different ways. Some users rely on the numbering system, while others simply copy and paste pages from one location to the other within the PDF. PDF Software can simplify several tasks associated with reordering pages. For example, images are scanned and uploaded into software. They are then created into different PDF pages; however, the order might be different and must be corrected. In such cases, you need to reorder PDF pages. Now let’s get started.

Section 1A Good Software to Reorder PDF Pages

reorder pages in pdf

VivPDF, which is recommended by our editors, is a great tool to reorder pages in any order sequence. Some useful features associated with the software are:

  • Texts, images and pages can be edited just like functions found in Word processors.
  • Merge several pages into a PDF, or split a PDF into separate pages.
  • Fill out both interactive and non-interactive PDF forms and create PDF forms with list boxes, text fields, drop-down lists and other functions.
  • PDF can be password and permissions protected to prevent unauthorized usage.
  • Create annotations including text highlights, sticky notes, free-hand drawing, and stamps. Custom signatures can be added to PDFs.

Section 2Step by Step Tutorial to Reorder PDF Pages

Step 1. Open and load PDF into VivPDF

Initialize VivPDF after successful downloaded and installed. On the main window, click on "File >> Open" button on the menu bar. A pop-up window appears allowing you to navigate and locate the desired PDF. Click on "Open" to load. The PDF opens within the software window.

reorder pdf pages

Step 2. Reorder Pages In PDF

The direct way of rearranging pages in PDFs is with the page management function. Go to the left side navigation pane and click on the "Page" icon. Just drage the page and drop to where you want to place. Hold CTRL key on keyboard and right click on sevral pages to select multiple pages of them. Then also drage these pages to drop to the place you want to reorder PDF pages.

pdf reorder pages

Step 3. Edit PDF Pages

The "Edit Tool" panel on the top right corner of the main interface has several functions allowing you to edit PDF pages in different ways. You can insert new pages, remove unwanted pages from PDF, rotate pages to a certain degree, crop pages to adjust aspect ratio and more.

To modify the texts and images in your PDF file, you can go to the "Edit" tab and choose an option you need.

That's all for the editing function of VivPDF, and with all these function you can easily reorder PDF pages as Office Word, isn't it easy?

reorder pages pdf