How to Rotate PDF Pages with PDF Editor

PDF files with several pages need flexibility in terms of rotating chosen pages at desired angles. In this article, I will introduce you a great PDF Edito to rotate PDF pages, which provides adequate features including page rotation in increments of 90° or 180°, both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Finally you will learn the steps to rotate PDF pages.

Section 1A best PDF Editor to rotate PDF pages

rotate pdf pages

To rotate PDFs is just one function that VivPDF helps accomplish. It has a host of features that combine to create the perfect experience for users working with PDFs on a regular basis.

Section 2Step by step to rotate PDF pages

Step 1. Open PDF in VivPDF

After downloaded and installed VivPDF, launch the program. Click the "File >> Open" button on the menu bar to browse your local folder to open a PDF document.

rotate pages in pdf

Step 2. Rotate PDF Pages and Save

Click "Edit Tool" button on the top right corner to open the editing panel and then navigate to the "Pages" section. Then click the "Rotate" button to start to rotate PDF pages. There is a pop-up window shows you can customize the settings like rotate PDF by clockwise or anti-clockwise 90°, or you can choose 180° directly. Then you can customize the the page range to rotate. Finally click on OK to rotate PDF and make changes.

rotate one page in pdf

Step 3. Edit the Rotated PDF (Optional)

After rotation, you can proceed with editing and annotating your PDF. To edit texts and images, you can go to the "Edit Tool" panel and choose the option you need.

rotate single page in pdf