Simple Way to Split PDF File for Free

There is always 5% documents can not be sent by email

PDF is a convenient and easy to share document format, many companies and individuals like to use this format in their business areas. PDF document make a very good compression that many kind of document can have a certain degree of compression after saving as a PDF, and such compression will not affect the clarity of the document itself and typesetting. Even so,the document is still large after saving as a PDF in many cases, if the document more than 30MB, you can not send by mail. This will be very embarrassing, because you do not want to delete any of the content, and you also do not want to send through other unsafe ways, such as online disk and so on. So you need a professional PDF editing software.

Professional PDF editing software is not much, although some products provide Split function, but in most sitiution, the separation of the document was added a very annoying watermark, that making the document can not be used. Today I recommended this product VivPDF which has perfect function, and the product new version now is providing a free activation code. The divided function can be used after activation. It also contains all PDF editing functions. I believe this will be your best choice.

VivPDF Editor 3.0

VivPDF Editor

Product Nmae: VivPDF Editor 3

Product Size: 14.1 MB

System Support: Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP

Language Support: Enaglish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Duth

Features: Create PDF, Convert PDF to Office format, OCR, Edit Text, Edit Image, Edit Link, Insert Pages, Delete Pages, Crop Pages, Rotate Pages, Reorder Pages, Split Pages, Watermark, Background, Herder&Footer, Bates Number, Password, Signature, Comments,

The product package is very samll. It's only 14MB and it can be send by mail. The installation can be finished in several seconds. I proposed you first go to activity page to get activation code, then start to use the product.

You can go to following article to know how to get registration code: How to Edit PDF Files for Free?

The divid document will become very simple if you use the pdf edit tool. You can split one pdf document to several document. And there are many kinds of way for split.

Double click the file after download. Keep click "next" till install complete. It will just take less 1 min to complete the installation. Open VivPDF editor, click "Open" to select the file you want to edit, and then click “page" button on the top, select "Split Document" at right side toolbar

Select the split way in pop-up window.

  • You can customize the number of pages per document by dividing the number of pages.
  • You can also divid the document by size, each divided document will not exceed the specific size.
  • If you need divid the document by chapter, you can use first level bookmark diectory separation.

If you have several file need make division in same time, you can click "Apply to Multiple" botton. It can save you much time.

For more detail ways of divid document you can refer to following article: How to Split a PDF File to Multiple Files?