Top 4 Windows PDF Editors

Are you looking for a PDF editing tool? I did. It takes me a lot of time from search, download, try and purchase. We collect the data of several editing tools in windows operation system and introduce them to you as a reference to choose one.

Part 1.VivPDF Editor


Keyword: Professional, Easy to Use, Affordable

VivPDF is a professional PDF editing tool, specializing in the file content editing, with comprehensive functions and easy to use. It is what you see is what you get editing.

  • Create PDF file from over 200 file formats.
  • Convert PDF files into multiple Microsoft Office file formats, text, image or other formats.
  • Standard PDF comment, stamp and sign and other functions.
  • Process text, image and links in PDF document.
  • Organize pages including split, merge, add and remove, rotate and crop single page and add header and footer, watermark and background and so on.
  • Form filling.
  • Add password or digital signature to protect the document.

Part 2.Adobe DC

adobe dc

Keyword:Professional, Expensive

Adobe DC is one of the best PDF editing tools. It is very professional, but with an expensive price. Therefore, it is more suitable for professional PDF editors, as Photoshop is more suitable for professional art designers. The UI design is similar to Photoshop, with complicated functions. If you are not a computer expert, there will be high learning cost.

  • Edit PDF file content.
  • Export to Microsoft Office file formats.
  • Add password protect to PDF document.
  • Edit and fill in form file.
  • Page organizing.

Part 3.Foxit PhantomPDF Business

foxit phantompdf

Keyword: Professional, Expensive, Secondary Development

Foxit is also a company which starts the PDF business in an early time. The technical strength is reliable. Its professional is no less than the above two. However, the price is not cheap either, and the whole business tends more to comprehensive business cooperation. It provides many packaging SDK interfaces, which is more suitable for the secondary development of cooperate business. The interface is bias towards the style of Microsoft Office. Even both are file editing programs, the scenarios to use them are total different. In my opinion, the product style of Microsoft Office is not suitable for PDF.

  • Create PDF document from Microsoft Office files directly.
  • Convert PDF document to other Microsoft Office files.
  • Edit file content and organize pages.
  • Form editing and filling in.
  • Encrypt to protect PDF document.

Part 4.Nitro PDF

nitro pdf

Keyword: None

Compared with above three products, Nitro PDF is relatively simple. According to their advertisement, it is a PDF editing tool facing to small business. The UI design is a bit similar with Foxit, with a little Microsoft Office style. The functions is less than Foxit.

  • Support cloud storage.